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Don’t settle for incomplete, low-end protection.

Most free and low-end security solutions help make sure viruses don’t sneak onto your PC. Unfortunately, viruses are just one out of many dangers online. You also have to worry about identity thieves, social media scams, dangerous online transactions and email phishing schemes. Norton AntiVirus Basic protects your PC to help keep you safe from today’s sneaky cybercriminals and sophisticated online threats.

norton-antivirus protection

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More PC Magazine Editors’ Choice Awards Than Any Other Security Company

PC Magazine Editors’ Choice Award reprinted with permission. © 2017 Ziff Davis, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 39-Time Winner awarded in 2017.


Powerful security. Simply affordable.

Benefits for You

  • Industry-leading protection at a groundbreaking price.
  • Powered by one of the world’s largest 24×7 threat monitoring networks.
  • Patented protection against viruses, scams, phishing attempts, zero-day exploits and more.
  • Automatic “silent” updates ensure you have the latest protection.
  • No in-product advertising pestering you to switch to a paid security solution.
  • Seamless upgrade options to additional protection as your needs grow.

Stay current with automatic updates.

With Norton AntiVirus Basic, you can fill your PC with years of photos, music, files and financial documents without worry. Automatic, behind-the-scenes updates ensure you’ll always have the latest protection for your PC—and all of your valuable files.

System Requirements

Operating Systems Supported

  • Microsoft Windows XP (all 32-bit versions) with Service Pack 3 (SP 3) or later
  • Microsoft Windows Vista (all versions) with Service Pack 1 (SP 1) or later
  • Microsoft Windows 7 (all versions) with Service Pack 1 (SP 1) or later
  • Microsoft Windows 8/8.1 (all versions). Some protection features are not available in Windows 8 Start screen browsers.
  • Microsoft Windows 10 (all versions). Edge browser not supported.

1 PC

Features of product:

  • Recommended for: 1 PC.
  • Defends against viruses, spyware, malware and other online threats.
  • Safeguards your identity and online transactions.
  • Utilizes one of the largest global civilian intelligence networks to spot threats faster.

Be prepared for tomorrow’s threats.

Powered by 24×7 threat monitoring and a global security network, Norton AntiVirus Basic is designed to detect and destroy even brand-new online threats. And when it comes to online safety, you don’t want to be using last-to-know security. Bonus: You won’t be bombarded with the annoying ads you see in free software.

Trust the original—and still leading—antivirus.

Antivirus is in our DNA. Norton created the original antivirus software in 1989, and more than 25 years later we still set the bar for speed and performance in security software. Only Norton has won PC Magazine’s Editors’ Choice Award 37 times—more than any other security company.

Easily upgrade as your needs grow.

If you want to add Norton protection to your smartphone, two-way firewall protection for your data, or parental control software to teach your kids safe habits online, you can seamlessly upgrade to our best protection anytime. No need to start a new subscription. You’ll only pay the prorated price for your new service.

Prices the subscribe (choose your method)

Note: The price of the product or service depend on your method of payment.

PlansNetellerSkrillPayPalCredit CardPaysafecardBitcoinUkashOKPAYSOFORT BANKINGBank Transfer
One Year$45$45$53$53$550 BTC$53$53$53$53

Compare Products

Basic Standard Deluxe Premium
Norton AntiVirus Basic Norton Security Standard Norton Security Deluxe Norton Security Premium
Recommended for: 1 PC 1 PC, 1 Mac or 1 mobile device Up to 5 PCs, Macs, smartphones or tablets Up to 10 PCs, Macs, smartphones or tablets
Defends against ransomware, viruses, spyware, malware and other online threats

Helps protect your finances, privacy and personal information every time you go online

Utilizes one of the largest global civilian intelligence networks to spot threats faster

Helps protect your home network with a smart firewall

Comes with always-there customer support provided by Norton experts

Protects better and faster than the competition1

Secures multiple PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets with a single subscription

Helps you manage protection for all your devices with an easy-to-use Web portal

Includes premium family safety features so your kids can explore their connected world safely

Automatically backs up your photos, financial files and other important documents of your choice on your Windows PC

Includes 25 GB of secure cloud storage for your PC with the option to add more as your needs change

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